Hi Everyone,

Like most people we know, we’ve been reading the news a lot lately and the pictures of devastation in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have really affected us. We’ve heard harrowing stories of displaced families, ruined homes and wiped out lives and it’s definitely left an impression. Rather than sit in front of our TVs/smartphones/computers shaking our heads, sharing and liking Facebook posts, we’ve felt compelled to try to help out.

From now until November 18th, any money that we (Velah)¬†receive¬†from digital downloads of our Skeleton House 7″ or Black Olympia EP will go directly to the Red Cross.

Easy peasy. You can find those musical offerings, here:

While the two releases do have a low low minimum price for no money down and zero APR until the end of the year, we’ve tweaked the code to allow you do give a little more if you so desire.

Hopefully we can make a dent in the efforts of people attempting to put their lives back together. Even if you don’t want to download our music, we urge you to find an outlet to help out. Here are a few that we’ve heard are good:

Give early and give often.

Yours in sound,